Sofa Cleaning Dubai

Sofa Cleaning Dubai

Sofa Cleaning SERVICES Dubai

Cleantel Cleaning Services in Dubai are experts in all types of cleanings, especially for sofas. Our sofa cleaning experts in Dubai offer professional upholstery cleaning services in all areas of Dubai. In between family, pets, visitors at the office sofas get an intense workout! Cleantel sofa experts give clients the best quality service at a reasonable price. Cleantel is one of the leading and trusted sofa cleaning Dubai companies in UAE.


Cleantel sofa cleaning experts specialize in cleaning all types of materials effectively and safely all over Dubai. Allow our sofa cleaning experts to refresh all your sofas, bringing life back into your living or workspaces. Our Cleaning Services Dubai‘s cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your sofas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Our sofa cleaning experts in Dubai inject cleaning solutions deep into a sofa at high pressure which will ensure instant extraction.


Why is Cleantel the Best Sofa Cleaning Company in Dubai?


Many homes or business owners across the Emirates realize the importance of outsourcing deep sofa cleaning to a professional who knows the varieties of upholstery and the varieties of fabrics used in sofas. That’s where Cleantel Dubai comes to give your sofas a much-needed periodic boost to the best of our abilities!  We deep clean almost all types of sofas (whether of cloth or leather), but also carpets.


People purchase sofas for their comfort, their practicality, and because they create seating space for several people. A sofa is an investment that you want to make sure it is going to last for as long as possible with frequent cleaning sessions by experts. Sometimes there are hidden germs that you never see even if you vacuum and maintain them on your own. Removing these hidden problems is just part of what Cleantel Cleaning Services does in Dubai. If you’re concerned about indoor air quality, hiring a professional sofa cleaning service is the best way possible to ensure most allergens, bacteria are removed from the sofa.

Choose Cleantel for all Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai!


While most people have some type of sofa either at their commercial or residential properties across Dubai which could be made of soft fabric as well as leather, people are often puzzled as to what to search for when looking for a sofa cleaning service. Is it a carpet cleaning company that would do this? Or perhaps a sofa cleaning company that is truly specialized? Well, your answer is Cleantel Sofa Cleaning Services Dubai!

Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

In a city like Dubai having a leather sofa, a chair or a whole set of leather furniture brings comfort, style, and class to your home, or office that is unrivaled by any other types of furniture. But with those benefits, the leather sofa brings responsibility – it needs to be handled with care, by an experienced hand, so it could maintain its original properties extending the lifespan of your sofa for as long as possible.


Although leather pieces of furniture are well known for their durability, they also need attention and regular deep cleaning. Giving your leather sofa a Cleantel professional sofa cleaning session periodically gives you peace of mind. We provide leather sofa cleaning services in Dubai to ensure you a longer life-cycle and cleaner leather sofa at home or work.

Conditioning/Shampooing treatment

Regular conditioning/shampooing of your leather sofas helps maintain the texture and material of your delicate leather. Add to that it brightens up the color of the sofa in the best way possible.

Stain Treatment

Being equipped with the most advanced solutions is never enough, with Cleantel’s Sofa Cleaning Company Dubai’s experience & knowledge in dealing with different stains you can always rest assured & rely on us as we try our best to remove every spot on your sofa.


Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services

Dirt and dust accumulation is part and parcel of life in Dubai, whether at the office or home or on the bus or metro or at coffee shops and other public places.


This is where Cleantel Cleaning Services Dubai comes in to professionally maintain the cleanliness of your sofas, which benefits everyone including your family, friends, colleagues, and customers. Our sofa cleaning services in Dubai are the most cost-effective that ensures you the most dirt-free sofa at your home or work.

Stain treatment

Cleantel’s sofa cleaning experience & knowledge in dealing with different stains assures you that those spots in your sofas are removed to the best of Cleantel’s Cleaning Services Dubai’s ability.

Cleantel Cleaning Company in Dubai provides complete cleaning and sanitizing for all your cleaning needs with advanced machinery and professionally trained staff. Follow us on our Facebook or Instagram page to know more.

Why does one need to hire sofa cleaning experts in Dubai?

There are some areas where a normal self-cleaning sofa session won’t cut it. By opting to use our professional sofa cleaning service in Dubai, our clients are given the best possible solution that could lead to the best restoration possible.

Based on the different types of materials, not one cleaning agent or a spray that can work on all fabrics. Cleantel sofa cleaning experts have experience of cleaning almost all types of fabrics to the best of their ability. Therefore, rely on our sofa cleaning experts as they know which method or sofa cleaning agent is safe. In a city like Dubai, we understand the need for prompt sofa cleaning service and our experts have special methods for drying the couch within a few hours. By employing fast drying, you also avoid the risk of the growth mildew and mould.

Being a Sofa Cleaning Company in Dubai, what precautions are taken for COVID19 before starting the cleaning service?

We fully understand the need for cleanliness in the midst of a pandemic or otherwise and we are taking all the necessary precautions before, during and after. The use of masks, gloves, etc. are all in place to protect the client as well as our own sofa cleaning experts.

How long does it take to professionally clean a sofa?

Depending on the fabric, some sofas dry before we leave, but some cushions, depending on the fillings, can take up to 24 hours to dry fully.

How Often Should I Clean It Professionally?

Cleantel sofa cleaning experts in Dubai recommend that you do a professional cleaning once per year. Armchair requires deep cleaning every 6 months.

Does steam or dry the fabric?

In most cases, our Dubai-based sofa cleaning team recommends steam and shampoo cleaning the fabrics. There may be exceptions depending on the client’s needs.

Can you remove stains?

The stain depends on its cause, most of the time it can be removed (but it is not a complete guarantee). There are however exceptions to some stains that cannot be entirely removed. The type of stain, the use of consumer-based stain removers, the length of time it has been there, and the type of sofa fiber all affect stain removal results. We at Cleantel Sofa Cleaning Services Dubai are always up to trying to take care of our client’s requests to the best of our ability.

Why is it recommended to have sofa cleaning services in Dubai regularly?

In the same way, as it is important to deep clean carpets, furniture and sofa should be routinely maintained to retain their original appearance. It includes tending to stains and spills immediately. Cleantel’s Dubai-based sofa cleaning experts can help you extend the life and esthetic appeal of the fabric and reduce the level of pollutants it has absorbed over time.

Frequently asked questions

Sofa Cleaning Experts in Dubai - High Suction Vacuuming


We use high suction vacuum to effectively pull out dust mites, mold spores, pollen, dried bodily fluids, household debris & pet dander from the sofa which is then collected in the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter bags of machine, and keeps it out of the air. 

Sofa Cleaning Services In Dubai - Shampooing


With the help of wet and dry extraction machine we clean the sofa thoroughly. Low foaming wet shampoo prevents the sofa from heavy water retention.

Sofa Cleaning Company in Dubai - Dry Streaming


Leave the sofa for about 8 hrs to 24 hrs with air condition set to 23-26 degree celsius