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Sanitization Services Dubai

BEST Sanitization Services COMPANY IN Dubai

Sanitization Services Dubai

With Cleantel Sanitization Company Dubai’s years of experience in the cleaning industry, our experts have the necessary knowledge and expertise to perform sanitizing of all your residential or commercial properties. Our sanitizing services team out of Dubai is the safest professional service to quickly eliminate most germs, bacteria from your homes or offices.


Cleantel Dubai’s team has developed comprehensive sanitizing and disinfection programs that can be easily tailored to fit as per your requirement.


We use specialized chemical agents to sanitize on a case-by-case basis working closely with you. The chemical agents that our Dubai-based sanitizing experts pick are the safest solution for you, your staff as well as your family members.


Our expertise in sanitizing and disinfection programs includes proper training and equipment as well as is adaptable to all kinds of companies or homes.


Cleantel Sanitizing Services Company Dubai is always ready to assist you with all your sanitizing services whether the area is large or small.


Cleantel Sanitization Company Dubai takes the safety of you and your loved ones as our top priority and we have taken extensive steps to ensure the same.


Cleantel Dubai has long-term relationships with several companies where our disinfectant application programs are being currently used and constantly developed, thereby ensuring you get the most ideal solutions with maximum benefits for your commercial sanitization requirements.


Equipped with the most advanced sanitizing equipment, we guarantee to provide the most effective sanitizing services possible all across Dubai.

Cleaning Services vs Sanitization Services


As per Cleantel sanitizing service experts, all surfaces must be cleaned before applying disinfectant. If extra cleaning is needed, there will be an additional cost.


Cleaning services are accomplished by physically wiping surfaces to clean and remove visible soils.


Sanitization Services kill almost all viruses on surfaces or objects. Sanitizing works by using appropriate chemicals to wet surfaces and allowing contact time to kill it all.



Complete Sanitizing Solutions in Dubai


Amid the pandemic that we live in today, it is imperative to understand the importance of sanitization in homes and offices all across Dubai.


Germs can come into your homes or offices by any means putting your families or employees at risk of contracting any or all kinds of diseases leading to the need for periodic detailed sanitization.


Professional sanitizing services companies like Cleantel Dubai are the key to ensure a safe environment for both your loved ones and staff.


In addition to Cleantel’s sanitizing services company based out of Dubai for homes and businesses, we also cater to large commercial companies’ sanitization.


For high-touch surfaces or anything that requires hands-on sanitization, our Dubai-based cleaning experts also offer a wipe-out service. This is ideal for items such as computer keyboards, light switches, door handles, drawer handles, desktops, countertops, etc.

The 3 Levels of Sanitizing Services Offered in Dubai


Level 1: Standard Sanitization 


Cleantel Dubai’s Team uses state-of-the-art systems to ensure your entire space is completely covered. Our sanitizing products attempt to kill almost all viruses on contact.


Level 2: Wipe Down


Our Dubai-based team sanitizes all of your space, wiping down the required work area before the sanitization begins. Once complete, the sanitizing team will take a walk-through to ensure it is all wiped down.


Level 3: Periodic Proactive Sanitization


Our team is there for companies that require weekly sanitizing services. The service ranges from sanitization to just a simple wipe-down. Cleantel Dubai is available after hours and on weekends to keep up with your office facilities sanitizing needs.


Cleantel Dubai has experience in providing sanitizing services to the following commercial spaces and more :


Schools & Universities| Retail Facilities & Restaurants| Childcare Facilities| Offices & Other Commercial Workspaces| Gyms & Fitness Centers| Other Public Buildings| Car Showrooms| Nursing Homes| Health Care Facilities| Spas, Hair & Nail Salons

Cleantel Cleaning Company in Dubai provides complete cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection services in Dubai and across the UAE for all your cleaning needs with advanced machinery and professionally trained staff. Follow us on our Facebook or Instagram page to know more.

Sanitizing Services Company in Dubai - CleanTel

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