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Cleantel Mattress Cleaning Services SHARJAH

We all clean a lot of things, but do we pay attention to the mattress? The truth is that mattresses are likely to be the most neglected furniture in most homes across Sharjah. We say it is never too late to change the mattress cleaning approach with Cleantel Mattress Cleaning Services Sharjah. Our mattress experts we’ll clean and sanitize your mattress, so they can sleep at ease!


Cleantel’s cutting-edge technology for sanitizing objects such as mattresses, making us the best option for mattress cleaning in Sharjah. Cleantel’s mattress cleaning system simplifies the mattress cleaning process as well as makes it almost bacteria-free.


Our mattress experts based out of Sharjah utilize the most innovative technology in the mattress cleaning industry. The mattress cleaning service employed by Cleantel Sharjah is powerful, as well as eliminates germs, harmful bacteria, viruses, and can even eliminate bedbugs to the best of its ability. Additionally, it can destroy odors, leaving your mattress sanitized and fresh scented.


Mattress Steam Cleaning Sharjah


Cleantel’s mattress steam cleaning services eliminate most mold as well as other kinds of microorganisms. It is fast and efficient, leaving your mattress in your Sharjah homes cleaner than ever before.


Getting rid of mattress stains in a snap is what Cleantel Mattress Cleaning Sharjah Services experts love to do! Our Sharjah-based mattress technicians provide mattress stain removal as well as take care of all sides of your beds to the best of their ability.


Cleaning mattresses is a highly personal service that our Sharjah-based experts take quite seriously and treat with the utmost professional care as well as expertise.


Clean Mattress = Healthy living!


Most mattresses are full of things that one cannot begin to imagine! However, the accumulated sweat, bacteria, etc., can a serious toll on your health. It can also hold onto viruses like influenza and the common cold etc. Once, you have employed a mattress cleaning company in sharjah to cleans your mattresses, you can take a deep breath and feel good about your choice.


Cleantel offers best cleaning services in Sharjah and qualification courses, as well as the most modern cleaning equipment to the entire cleaning team. Follow us on our Facebook or Instagram page to know more.

How often should a mattress be cleaned as per Cleantel’s cleaning mattress experts?

Cleantel Sharjah’s experts recommend that the cleaning of mattresses should be done twice a year. However, if you have severe allergy issues, asthma, or skin conditions, then it would ideal to consider cleaning your mattress as season’s change.

How long after Cleantel’s mattress technicians have finished do we have to wait before we can make the bed and go to sleep?

We at Cleantel Sharjah understand the necessity for prompt service, hence we try to speed up the process as much as possible, but we request that you keep in mind that in some unique cases, it could take longer than expected.

However, after most mattress cleaning sessions it approximately takes 1-2 hours for the cleaning solutions to evaporate off it. Additionally, although it is not required, if you would like you could air out the room to expedite the drying process. As soon as it is dry, you can enjoy a good night’s rest.

Frequently asked questions

Mattress Cleaning Services in Sharjah - High Suction Vacuuming


We use high suction vacuum to effectively pull out dust mites, mold spores, pollen, dried bodily fluids, household debris & pet dander from the mattress which is then collected in the filter bags of machine, and keeps it out of the air. 

Mattress Cleaning Experts in Sharjah - UV Sanitization


We use Germicidal Ultraviolet Light (GUVL) technology which is a medical grade solution specifically designed to prevent growth of bacteria and living organisms in the mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Company in Sharjah - Steam Sanitization


Our machine generates a fine mist of steam at 180 degree celsius with intense thermal shock that can kill/ reduce bacteria, virus and other household impurities and dries in less than a minute reducing chances of mould build up.


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